Benefits of Virtual Team Building Events and Activities

Companies and associations are embracing virtual team building efforts, because they understand that virtual team building events and activities can be as effective as in-person equivalents when planned and executed effectively. Teams do not have to wait until they can be physically together in the same space – swinging on a ropes course or building bikes at a conference – to achieve the same desired outcomes of those activities.

You can, and should, host your organization’s team building event NOW– virtually and effectively. Why? Because the many benefits of hosting virtual team building events and activities are clear.

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“11 Great Experiential Speakers to Book for Your Next Company Event” from BigSpeak

“If you like fun and want to give back: Jeff Civillico is a Vegas headliner, TV host, and philanthropist. Jeff has headlined more than a 1000 Vegas shows and knows how to get your message across all while being a fun and interactive host. Civillico gets the audience up and involved in team-building and trust exercises with chair pyramids, live juggling and unicycling. In addition to doing stage and screen events for multi-day events (he’s great for your conference recap videos), he also works as an ambassador for organizations for charity events, offering to donate a portion of his fee in the name of the corporation.”

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